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released June 10, 2015

guitar + vocals + percussion (yr house in the yr. 2000/friend/november/two princes) - nigamo
guitar + vocals (DOG) - demetrios' smash hitzzzz



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Doob Dudes Colorado

an eclectic label doing its parts in genres such as noise pop, experimental music, vaporwave, and much more. its artists are from arizona, all the way to florida.

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Track Name: Nigamo - yr house in the yr. 2000/friend/november/two princes
[yr house in the yr. 2000]

pool in the backyard
playin cards at the barbecue
get paid twice a month

the house is going away
the house is going away
the house is going away
the house is going away

as you lay with the blinds closed
the scenery opens up like it never did
wooden walls falling down
holding the top of what you've become

balls deflated along the cement
rising to the top
roof comes down
and you'd never known how it felt



just a bored guy lookin for somethin to do
don't have any time for you
i'm that lousy friend that you know

wanna get fucked up on drugs
too lame to buy some of my own
so i come and take all that you have
but in the end we're still friends


where ever
i'm bleeding in november
stab me in the heart
i'll stash you in my car

drag of the tar
don't worry, we're not going to far
this may be hard for you, but i can say there won't be any trouble for me
that's the dream i've made of this
your morning crest
i apologize
it's only a dress
and it'll be your last

as far as i know
you've only shown me the caress of death
as you feel a press
don't be depressed, it's only me

now let me go, i have more to show
time isn't on my side
you find my only one
point it at my chest
where ever
i'm bleeding in november

[two princes cover]

one, two princes kneel before you
that what i said now
princes, princes who adore you
just go ahead now
one has diamonds in his pockets
that's some bread, now
this one said he wants to buy you rockets
ain't in his head, now

this one he got a princely racket
that's what I said now
got some big seal upon his jacket
ain't in his head now
you marry him, your father will condone you
how 'bout that now
you marry me, your father will disown you
he'll eat his hat, now

marry him, marry me
i'm the one that loved you baby can't you see?
ain't got no future or family tree
but I know what a prince and lover ought to be
i know what a prince and lover ought be

said if you wan
Track Name: Demetrios Smash Hitzzzz - DOG
i was in my backyard
and this guy, he came over the fence
i was mowin my lawn, but he wanted to looked at my dog and then he looked at me

told me how hed been watching my house for the past few weeks
can't believe he'd do that, because that's kind of creepy

he couldn't help but coming over to tell me how his dog looked just like mine and my dog looked just like his
so i said hey man, you wanna talk about the dogs we'll have some tacos from taco bell, and he said okay
had this whole story about how when he went to school

his dog would always follow him
and the dog would just sit, waiting for him to come back
but one day, he couldn't believe his dog hadn't greeted him
waited and he waited for his dog to come back
a couple days later, his dog was found violently mutilated in a ditch just off niver street, 80203, longmont, colorado

he couldn't comprehend how his dog was dognapped and treated like that
he looked at me and then he looked at my dog
his lips moistened
unzipped his pants and thrust his dick into my dog's ass
what was going on
i couldn't believe it
this was so abrupt
his dong thickening inside my dog

so took the needle out of my arm
as well as took the needle from my front pocket
dropped them both right into his neck
it's a shame because those were my last chances to do heroin