everything it ever was

by Nigamo

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released August 13, 2015

All songs written and composed by Nigamo, except where noted.



all rights reserved


Doob Dudes Colorado

an eclectic label doing its parts in genres such as noise pop, experimental music, vaporwave, and much more. its artists are from arizona, all the way to florida.

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Track Name: worthless
everything i do won't matter
everything is worthless
i can't do anything right

my family asks me everyday
what are you even doin'
i can't really say because i never do anything anyway

why do i even try
everyone is laughing at me
they're all sayin' that i'm worthless
well, that's right
Track Name: friends
lock myself in my room
all i'm doin' in here is getting high
got them all in my hand
enter my body
exit consciousness
exit consciousness
exit consciousness

just wanna get high all the time
only thing i can think about is gettin' high
maybe if i had some friends
they'd keep me happy
maybe if i had some friends, we'd do drugs together
Track Name: yr house in the yr. 2000
pool in the backyard
playin cards at the barbecue
get paid twice a month

the house is going away
the house is going away
the house is going away
the house is going away

as you lay with the blinds closed
the scenery opens up like it never did
wooden walls falling down
holding the top of what you've become

balls deflated along the cement
rising to the top
roof comes down
and you'd never known how it felt

Track Name: denver, co
i can't sing worth a damn
i can't play any instruments
everything i write is really lame
all my lyrics are really bad
but that's okay, because i'm just a loser from denver, colorado
denver, colorado
say that all my music is the worst that you've ever heard
Track Name: die
all the time
just wanna die
all the time
just want to kill myself
i just want to get high all the time
and shoot me in the head
i think about this all the time
but it's not like i can anyway
i wanna throw myself into the river
so nobody can find my body

shoot me in the head
let me see what i've done
i hope no one remembers me
Track Name: failure
i don't have any friends
don't have anyone
i don't even have myself

i'm sorry
i'm sorry
i'm sorry
oh no
oh no
oh no

sorry to my family
never done anything for them
but let them down
and i'm really sorry
i'm just a failure
i'm just a failure
Track Name: waste
hey, what's goin on (spoken)
yeah, okay (spoken)

i'm just reading comic books
now you just hold on a second there (spoken)
i can't read, because i dropped out of preschool
now i'm ashamed of myself i can't say why

that's cool though, at least i played a few video games
too dumb to think, i just use excuses on everything
i'm the one that should be blamed
brought this on myself
self self self self self self self self loathing

you ever say anything behind my back again, you tiny midget gay faggot, i will come to your backwoods swamp hut, kill your alcohol wet braindead dad, and rape your slut mom, kill your half animal brother, and slit your throat, piss on your computer you worthless wigger homo gay mainstream poser nerd faggot.

what's the point of being myself if i'm just too uninteresting
that is the thing
i may as well find something else to do because everything i want to do is a waste
Track Name: Strawberry Preserved - ugly, ugly clown
it's an ugly, ugly clown
it's a pretty ugly clown
pretty sad clown
pretty greasy clown
its got a lot of cool tricks
its got a lot of cool tricks
it's a sad clown
it's a sad, sad clown
it's not a very happy clown
it's not a very happy clown
it's a pretty sad clown
it's gonna sleep in the ground
it's a pretty sad clown
it's a pretty sad clown
it's not a very happy clown
it lives in a hole in the ground
it lives in a mushroom cloud
it lives in the ground
it's a sad ground clown
saddest ground clown around
Track Name: everything it ever was
I've just kind of been sitting, like sitting around for life the majority of my life doing nothing basically
and like it just kind of gotten to the point where like i can't keep doing it anymore
like, i thought it'd be okay
like, i'd be okay just living with my parents for the like majority of my life and everything
but, i mean i'm just kind of sitting around my house being depressed all day just kind of doing drugs and doing nothing with my life basically
but, um
for the most part, i just want something else to happen in my life, because
for the past, i don't, i dunno how many years
its just kind of
just kind of been the same
everythings just kind of stayed the same

i just wanna be somebody
just want some friends
to do somethin' with
i know i'm just a big fuck up
but i want somebody to be with

everytime i try to be somebody
it never works out for me
had to quit my job because i was gonna kill everyone there
watch them all die
i just wanna go to sleep now
hopefully i never wake again
turn on the car
and say goodbye