Officially the Lamest Christmas

by Nigamo

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this ep was entirely made and thought up on the spot in around 4 hours. everything here such as the guitar and vocal tracks were recorded in one take each without previous thought, and is pretty much just an improvisation.

""garbage" yeah" - Anonymous, 4/22/2014

"yeah its bad" - Anonymous, 4/25/2014


released April 16, 2014

All songs written and composed by Nigamo.



all rights reserved


Doob Dudes Colorado

an eclectic label doing its parts in genres such as noise pop, experimental music, vaporwave, and much more. its artists are from arizona, all the way to florida.

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Track Name: Sitting
sitting at home
i'm playing dumb
but that's a lie
sitting at home
i'm playing dumb
but that's a lie

i'm not playing
i'm just so dumb
so please euthanize me

sitting at home
playing my games
wasting my time

i will never get a job
because i just don't care anymore
so i can't say that i'll live for a long time

christmas is here
family is waiting for me
but i don't care about them
Track Name: Hot Shots Bar
i'm coming home for christmas
i'm coming home for that day
turn on the stove, put in the ham
put up the stockings, get them all ready

i took a turn off the highway
went to a bar
i got so drunk, that i veered into another car

i won't be sayin' hey to your face
gonna have to lay me to sleep
in my coffin is where i'll be
it probably won't matter, because you don't care
Track Name: I...
i didn't get what i wanted

i didn't get what i wanted
i didn't get...

it's christmas time
i didn't get what i wanted
Track Name: This Time
christmas, is the time of the year
where i get what i want
but this year, i don't want anything 'cause that's lame
i can't say anything

christmas is the time of the year
that i just wanna know
what everyone else got
i don't care what i get

i can't say
i can't say what i want
it's nothing against jesus
nothing against santa
nothing against the jews
nothing against kwanzaa

christmas is the time of year
that i don't know what i want